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Wouldn’t you like to bet on Rich Strike? I do it …

You know those kind of people who are looking for something to remember? These guys include record holders and David Rush is someone who set a new world record for something I would never do. Seriously.

Rush, who already has more than 200 verified Guinness World Records to his name, added one more earlier this month when he covered a total of 206 feet and 8 inches with a chainsaw on his chin. And just to make things more interesting, it worked. Now because there’s every chance that stunt went wrong, Rush wore a helmet, gloves, a thick jacket, a neck warmer, and long pants in case he tripped and the instrument decided to dance on her body. Luckily, that’s not the case, and so Rush is once again steeped in history. Congratulations…I guess.


Gotta love the long shot

The first leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown is in the book with the Kentucky Derby taking place at Churchill Downs on May 7, the first Saturday in May, which is the usual start. It’s always a big deal because it makes whoever wins it a star and this year’s winner is no exception.

Rich Strike came out on top by three-quarter lengths to win this year’s Run for the Roses and a check for $1.86 million. But that’s not the story. No, Rich Strike has the lowest odds to win this year’s race at 80 to 1. This means that if you were to place a bet of just $2 on this race alone, you would have taken out $163.60. Wouldn’t you like to have a spare $20? Exactly. Easy to say now, but I’m the type of guy who likes an underdog and would have thrown at least $10 on Rich Strike just because.

What makes the result even more amazing is that Rich Strike wasn’t even in the starting lineup. He only entered because Ethereal Road was a scratch before the start – Rich Strike was the first horse on the “also eligible” list. He looked like a late addition right out of the gate, 18th after the first half mile, but it was the last corner where he started to move. He found room on the rail inside and let it rip along the stretch. In case you were wondering, there is a Canadian connection to Rich Strike: his dam (dam) is Gold Strike, a horse born in Manitoba. Gotta love the Manitoba dams.

The payday boosted Rich Strike’s career earnings by approximately 6,000% to $1,932,500 and he will be wanted once he is put on stud. He is a Kentucky Derby winner and that bloodline is worth a lot.

And it’s a wrap

Patrick Marleau’s days in the National Hockey League are over.

Marleau officially called him a career on May 10 with an article in The Players’ Tribune and with his retirement, one of the last players in the class of 1997 – selected second overall that year by the San Sharks Jose – who was still working, even though he hasn’t officially retired until now. He simply wasn’t signed by any team before the start of the season. Marleau leaves the game as the NHL’s career leader in games played with 1,779, 1,197 career points and a resume that will most likely see him inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame when he first becomes eligible in 2025. .

It’s a shame he never managed to lift the Stanley Cup, but he won two Olympic gold medals with Canada in 2010 and 2014. You play that long, though, and you want that ring. Many people, myself included, knew the end was near for Marleau after no team would sign him to even the league minimum. The market for 42-year-old hockey players is pretty thin. I hope he stays involved in some form because he needs a ring.

If you’re wondering, Joe Thornton is the last player left to play since the 1997 draft, but Zdeno Chara still hasn’t made up his mind and he’s still the first player drafted still active (1996).

And finally …

Good idea: Being released from your contract on good terms.

Bad idea: being released from your contract because you fart too much.

The next time you want to start a fire under Marcelo, you might want to think twice because the consequences can be dangerous for everyone’s health.

The Brazilian footballer was let go by Olympique Lyonnais, better known as Lyon, in France in January after a 3-0 defeat in what the team called “inappropriate behaviour”. Well, now we know why he was released and we have L’Equipe, one of France’s biggest sports publications, to thank. As the story goes, Marcelo would throw bombs past Lyon manager Peter Bosz, before parting ways with his burps with his teammates. Apparently, that didn’t sit well with Bosz and Juninho, Lyon’s sporting director, and he was kicked out of the first team in August 2021.

Marcelo played with the reserve team but was dismissed in January after a 3-0 defeat, but he signed with Bordeaux two days after being dismissed. Logic: A crappy team signs a player whose signature trait is crappy.

Until next time folks…