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Which NFL teams are the best and worst game day values ​​for fans in 2022?

Whether losing to an interim coach who had been taken off cable TV the week before was not bad enough, the Las Vegas Raiders are also the NFLis the worst pocket value for fans.

The 2-7 Raiders have the most expensive fan cost index in the league this season at $738 while delivering a dismal year for the silver and black faithful. And that’s down from $778 last season.

The Fan Cost Index (FCI) is the estimated expense of taking a family or group of four to a game and has been published annually by Chicago-based sports business intelligence firm Team Marketing Report since 1991.

The latest NFL data, released this week, is collected from teams and other sources and creates weighted averages for things like non-premium tickets, concessions and other regular season game day costs for rank the teams. (The full team-by-team list can be found at the bottom of this story.)

The overall average for this year’s NFL Fan Cost Index is $590, a 4% increase from last season. This is the largest percentage increase in several years and reflects both the NFL’s position as the most powerful and lucrative American sports league and any further receding pandemic issues.

And it’s also because NFL owners and corporate executives think fans will pay more even if they complain.

Not as important a factor is the current global inflation situation, according to Chris Hartweg, CEO and publisher of Team Marketing Report.

“Looking at percentage changes in all things, I think most NFL team owners — like retailers, car dealerships, service company owners — happily use inflation reports. and the narrative ‘it’s the cost of doing business’ to push the envelope as far as they can on price increases,” he said via email Thursday.

“To me, it seems like most are just standing on the edge and at least somewhat aware of fan perception. It seems, however, that a few clubs have decided to put him on the ground.

2018-22 NFL Fan Cost Index Averages

Year CFI To change
















Why are the Raiders so expensive despite fielding a disappointing team? Because they moved from Oakland two years ago to Sin City’s $1.9 billion Allegiant Stadium, and new stadiums are usually a major driver of price increases. They also managed a unique playoff trip despite a season of internal chaos and the tragedy.

Raiders tickets lead the NFL this season with an average price of $153, which is unchanged from last season, according to statistics from Team Market Report.

So who are the best and worst deals for fans and their money at this point in the season?

First, a caveat: people attend games for many reasons, from cheering on a team they want or expect to play, to just coming to the stadium to play a good time, as part of a work or business outing, a date, a family reunion or the tickets were free.

Portfolio Value Analysis is for fans who pay to see a winner. And teams with bad win-loss records can be fun, while some winners are boring.

Also good to keep in mind: every team has season ticket holders who pay discounted prices for seats, and sometimes for concessions, and most teams offer discounted menus and ticket offers at lower prices. The FCI figures reflect single-match ticket buyers, which represent different parts of team match attendance.

Now back to the best and worst deals.

The Miami Dolphins at 7-3 offer the best value in terms of cost indexed to wins and losses. Their FCI of $505.30 this season ranks fifth-lowest among the league’s 32 clubs.

Two other AFC East contenders with 6-3 records rank just ahead of Miami in cost: the Jets ($520.42) and the Invoices ($520.60).

Two other teams rank among the cheapest and currently have winning records. The Titans are 6-3 and have an FCI of $533, which is ninth-cheapest. And at the very bottom of the list are the defending champions of the AFC, the bengalswith an FCI of $483 – which is still the cheapest despite a 10.5% year-over-year increase.

A trip to the Super Bowl, win or lose, usually means prize money for fans goes up the following season.

The Eagles (8-1) are tied for the league’s best record right now, but fans are paying a premium to see their team. Philly’s FCI of $679 is fifth highest. This is one more place than a year ago. The vikingsalso at 8-1 but behind the Eagles in the standings due to the head-to-head tiebreaker, sits 13th at $606 to take four to US Bank Stadium for one game.

Fans paying higher prices to see a season-long disappointment include those at 4-6 Green Bay Packers, whose FCI of $691 is one spot higher than the Eagles. And elsewhere in the NFC, the Bear may have found an exciting quarterback in Justin Fieldsbut the team’s FCI of $677 ranks sixth for a team that is 3-7.

The top of the list also includes a few 5-4 teams: The patriots come as the most expensive #2 FCI at $694.78, while 16 cents cheaper are the San Francisco 49ers.

Then there are the Cleveland Browns.

Struggling with a lost season for all sorts of self-inflicted reasons, the Browns are the biggest price raisers for the second season in a row. This year, they have increased ventilator costs by 11.6% and have an FCI of $593 to rank 17th. A year ago, they raised prices by more than 14% — but at least were coming off of a playoff season that included their first road playoff win since 1969.

In 2018, the Browns were the lowest-priced CFI in the NFL at $381.34, when they were a season out 0-16 and drafted Baker Mayfield. That means the average cost to take four people to a game at FirstEnergy Stadium has increased by $212 over four years.

Now they sit 3-6 and are scheduled to play Sunday in Buffalo following a massive blizzard.

Here are the most expensive teams in the categories used to create the FCI averages:

  • Ticket price – Raiders, $153.47
  • Beer – Buccaneers, $12
  • Soft drink – Steelers$6.90
  • hot dog – Rams, Chargers$8
  • Parking — Chargers, $71.20
  • Cap – Cowboys and Jaguars, $29.99

The hat is functionally an indicator of fan spending on merchandise, souvenirs, etc., during a game.

The NFL is the most expensive of the five major American men’s leagues, which stems from its popularity and having a much more limited inventory of games than other leagues. NFL clubs play a 17-game regular season schedule while baseball has 162, hockey and basketball 82, and soccer 34.

This table of FCI averages is for the most recent seasons calculated from TMR.

Fan cost index by league

League Average ICF


$590.64 (November 2022)


$462.58 (March 2022)


$444.12 (May 2022)


$256.41 (May 2022)


$250.40 (May 2019)

(Note: a new MLS The FCI report is expected soon.)

So, if there is no inflation, what explains the increase in the costs of the NFL borne by fans?

Ticket prices are one of the driving forces behind the rise in average fares. The average non-premium NFL ticket in 2022 is $111.75, a 4.8% year-over-year increase. Four teams saw their ticket average drop while five remained unchanged from 2021. This means 23 teams increased ticket prices, which Team Market Report said was the third to do so since it began. began tracking costs. The record is 27 teams in 2005 followed by 24 in 2008 and 2016.

The Chiefsan eternal competitor in the Patrick Mahomes era, led the league this year with a nearly 16% increase in average ticket price ($115.13).

The Buccaneers ($119.94), Browns ($112.17) and Chargers ($89) also saw double-digit non-premium ticket price increases.

Interestingly, the averages for beer and caps declined year over year, while less expensive items like sodas and hot dogs saw modest increases. Parking, however, jumped nearly 17% overall, Hartweg said. The last set of notable category increases was in 2008.

Only four teams saw their FCI drop from last season, and the Rams were the only team with an unchanged FCI from 2021.

Pandemics, inflation, political strife, war in Europe, high energy prices, supply chain delays, cryptocurrency implosions — all a toxic witchcraft that doesn’t seem to really threaten the ironclad place of the NFL at the pinnacle of American sports. It’s owned and operated by some of the richest people in human history, and it eliminates all competition on TV.

The NFL had around $11 billion in domestic revenue shared between the teams last year – a figure that will certainly increase once this season’s books are put to bed – and Sportico. valued this summer that clubs have generated a combined total of $18 billion in 2021.

Direct fan spending on tickets, concessions and other game-day stuff accounts for a portion of that revenue, but the majority comes from the $113 billion in NFL media rights deals that are split equally.

So, that said, expect prices to continue to rise and choose or reject the reasons an owner offers to seek more profits.

“Some teams cite recent success on the field – usually with a QB stud – like Tampa, Kansas City, Cincy, the Chargers or Baltimore. The Bills have a good product, a great QB and the added excitement of a new stadium on the horizon, and teams always raise prices before they move so the price of the new stadium jumps less shock,” said Hartweg.

“Some, like denver, have new owners looking to be aggressive during their honeymoon phase. Then there are teams like the Browns who currently give off the vibe of a team tired of leaving money on the table.

Here’s the full CFI list, courtesy of Team Marketing Report:

The full detailed breakdown can be found on the Team Marketing Report (paywall) site here.

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