Hockey Costs

TNT NHL analyst Biz Nasty gets a haircut to pay off his lost bet

The Edmonton Oilers may not have looked so good in the Western Conference Finals against Colorado, but they’ve been good enough this season to cost Paul Bissonnette his hair.

Bissonnette, better known by his nickname “Biz Nasty,” gave Oilers fans the only highlight of Saturday night. The TNT analyst and co-host of Barstool Sports show ‘Spittin’ Chiclets’ has paid off a losing bet by shaving his head. Only Bissonnette did not have his head completely shaved. On the contrary, strips have been left on the sides, giving it a funny look.

It was former NHL player Ryan Whitney, another Spittin’ Chiclets co-host, who shaved Biz’s hair. The funky haircut was the result of a bet Bissonnette lost to Whitney.

In November, the two former players bet whether the Calgary Flames or Edmonton Oilers would have a deeper playoff run. Whitney picked the Oilers and would have had to wear a Barry Bonds earring for a month if he lost. Biz took the Flames and, well, you know what his penalty was.

The Oilers lost 4-2 Saturday night at home and are now trailing 3-0 in the series.

As for Biz, well, at least his hair should grow back before too long.