Hockey Costs

The Borough of Springdale is still awaiting reimbursement from the Township of Springdale for the contractor payment

The Township of Springdale will delay making a final decision on reimbursing the Borough of Springdale $34,000 for costs incurred during a water main replacement project several years ago.

The problem stems from 811 calls that don’t match the location of old water and natural gas lines along Butler-Logan Road in the township. The erroneous mapping occurred in a neighborhood where the houses are believed to be 90 years old.

An excavator kept hitting underground lines. Township public works employees repaired broken water pipes and People Gas was called in to repair natural gas pipes. Since this was the borough’s project, the latter reimbursed the contractor.

Attorney Craig Alexander said township commissioners agreed in an executive session to reimburse the borough. But there is a question whether the refund was ever approved in a public meeting.

Township officials said they would search the minutes of previous meetings to see if a vote took place. There has been an almost complete overhaul of the commissioners in recent years.

Commissioner Tony Rozzano said there was no documentation or photography of the line breaks.

Commissioners’ vice-chairman Tim Basilone said the motion to pay should be tabled until new evidence is produced.

Alexander is the borough and township attorney. If the case made it to court, Alexander would have to step down and each municipality would have to appoint a lawyer to handle the case.

George Guido is a contributing writer for Tribune-Review.