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The Best Payday Loan Lenders in California

Did you know that California protects your data? Businesses aren’t permitted to sell your personal information without permission. To ensure this, we’ve included only the most reliable and law-abiding firms that offer California payday loans. Selecting a lender guarantees a safe money transfer and the security of your personal information.

The top payday loan providers in California

Laws Governing California Payday Loans

While payday loans are permitted throughout The Golden State, California has more strict guidelines on the charges and amount of money borrowed than other states. Let’s review the specific terms for California.

State Law

  • The mean APR is 369%.
  • The maximum loan amount is $300.
  • The loan’s minimum duration isn’t stated.
  • The maximum loan period of 31 days.
  • Rollovers aren’t permitted.
  • There isn’t a cooling-off period.
  • Fee 15 percent of the advanced amount (or $35 (whichever is lower).
  • Criminal charges are not allowed.
  • The contract should be written in the language primarily used in negotiations.

The requirements required for California Payday Loans

There are a few different requirements to submit, based on whether you’re visiting an actual brick-and-mortar store or applying for online payday loans.

Requirements for loans at the In-Store:

  • The Government issues a photo ID.
  • Evidence of recurring income.
  • Current checking account.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

The requirements for online loans:

  • Social Security number.
  • The Government issues a photo ID.
  • Checking the account number.
  • The routing number of your bank.
  • Evidence of income.
  • Age: 18-21 (depends on the loan).

Poor Credit Payday loans in California

California has some of the country’s most current rules governing bad credit payday loans. Getting a loan with good terms should be easy.

Failure to pay back a payday Credit in California

It is advisable to borrow only within the limits of your budget. But, should you get stuck in an impasse, be aware that criminal charges aren’t allowed. Payday lenders could bring a civil suit that usually damages your credit score. The best way to resolve this is to call the business to explain the situation and request the possibility of a repayment plan.

Top California Payday Loans


They are a well-known brand with 37 locations across The Golden State. They say they helped over five million customers in tough times. ZaxLoans has been licensed through California’s Department of Business Oversight since 2009.


  • Instant approval
  • State-licensed lending institution
  • 37 stores are located in CA
  • Every credit score is taken into consideration


  • Above-average APR on loans for 14 days
  • $15 NSF fee

Lending Offer Overview

If you’re searching for the most effective payday loans in California, then ZaxLoans is the best place to go. They’ve over 30 years of experience, and their clients are safe in their hands. This is the kind of service ZaxLoans provides — a loan period that can last at least 31 days with the possibility of rolling over. Both online and in-store loans range from $100 to $255. The main difference is in the deposit period. ZaxLoans’ cash advance loans come with a typical APR of 214 percent to 465 percent (depending on the loan term). The rate is set at $17.65 per $100 borrowed, or $45, whichever is lower. As mentioned previously, rollovers are not permitted. However, customers can extend the loan term (if the lender agrees). Borrowers will not be subject to additional charges for extending their loan.

Other Features

ZaxLoans offers many options, including online and in-store payday loans. Each has pros and cons – getting to the store will take longer, yet you receive the money immediately. On the other hand, online payday loans for California residents require up to 24 times to deposit. However, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of driving. The company has an app for mobile users (both on Android and iOS) which assists customers with managing their loans and accounts while on the go. Their knowledgeable and friendly customer service is accessible via email or phone.


RixLoans is a lending industry giant that is the most well-known name across the Golden State. Their offerings include the best stores for payday loans California has to provide and cash advances online. California’s California Department of Business Oversight renewed the license for RixLoans in 2019.


  • State-licensed lenders
  • Greatly read
  • 175 storefronts across CA
  • Every credit score is taken into consideration


  • Obtaining online loans may require a more extended time for a deposit.
  • Third-party members could scrutinize your information

Lending Offer Overview

RixLoans is the biggest and most well-known name in the Golden State. They have been offering loans since 1998 and have a nearly perfect history. The offer is in line with all industry standards and complies with the entirety of California payday loan laws. The interest rate is not unusual, ranging between 214% and 460 percent. Customers must pay a substantial fee of $17.65 per $100 cash received (maximum of $45). They provide in-store and online cash advances, which are limited to $255. The loan period cannot go beyond 31 days, and rollovers are not permitted. Although extending loans is allowed, charging extra fees or finance charges isn’t.

Other Features

RixLoans has made a great effort to make the application process as simple and easy as possible, which makes some among the easiest in-store and online payday loans California has to provide. Californians can therefore choose any three options applying for loans in person, over the telephone, or online. Whatever method you choose, the entire process is completed in a short time. The top-quality customer experience that they offer is enhanced further by their exemplary customer service. RixLoans is an active member of OLA (Online Lenders Alliance), which ensures compliance with the most efficient lending practices.


GreenDayOnline‘s California payday loans are available online. They can offer fast approval times and money deposits within 24 hours of business. California’s Department has approved them for Business Oversight since 2015.


  • State-licensed lenders
  • Instant approval
  • Excellent reviews
  • Each credit score is taken into account


  • Your information could be shared with other members of the company.
  • Only online

Lending Offer Overview

GreenDayOnline adheres to the highest standards and practices in the lending industry, and California online payday loans are among the most effective in the business. The strict law allows for a slight variation, making their offering compared to other lenders. They charge an APR that varies between 214 percent and 460%, based on the loan’s length, and the finance fee is set at $17,65 for every $100 loan. Its loan amount goes from $100 to $250 and has to be repaid in 31 days. In California, however, consumers can extend loans without incurring additional charges. The face value of an unpaid check (with the added costs) is charged directly to your bank account when your loan is at maturity.

Other Features

This is one of the best brands that offer payday loans in California with no credit check. Customers can anticipate receiving their money within 24 hours. They don’t have a physical store within the State. You’ll only need 10 minutes to complete the application form. You’ll likely be accepted immediately. Their customer service is top-of-the-line. Don’t hesitate and call them.


Regarding accessibility, this brand comes in the second position in this category. Golden State. They offer a wide range of services, including online cash advances and payday loans with no credit check in California. The California Department has approved the PaydayDaze of Business Oversight since 2004.


  • State-licensed lending institution
  • 150 stores are located in California
  • A rating of BBB
  • Every credit score is taken into account


  • Above-average APR for loans with shorter terms
  • You may be able to share your personal information with third-party organizations.

Lending Offer Overview

PaydayDaze ranks at the highest level in the business, and its price is a reflection of its high standards of theirs. The terms and charges follow the established guidelines of the California legislature. Generally, those who borrow from California in the Golden State must repay their loan within 14 to 31 days. The APR for a 14-day loan has been set at 460 percent. Its loan amount ranges from $100 to $255. Customers can pay via the internet or pay in person. If borrowers do not pay back the loan within when due, they’ll be charged a one-time NSF cost of $115. This brand will allow the loan to be paid in advance without additional charges. California payday loans from this direct lender can’t be carried over. In any case, an extension of the loan is permitted, and customers won’t pay additional charges.

Other Features

The convenience of customers is vital for people who use PaydayDaze and has resulted in a simple and quick application procedure. In-store applications and online ones can be completed in just a few seconds. The main difference between the two types of applications is their deposit time. Customers who apply in-store can access their money instantly, and those who opt to take payday loans in California online must wait for up to 24 hours. PaydayDaze offers excellent customer service via email, phone, and in person.


PaydayChampion is the only company that offers internet-based payday loans for California residents. The California Department of Business Oversight licenses them.


  • State-licensed lenders
  • Instant approval
  • A rating of BBB
  • Each credit score is taken into consideration


  • Limits of loans slightly lower
  • Only online

Lending Overview of the Offer

PaydayChampion’s offer is limited to online payday loans in California. The duration of the loan is fixed and can’t exceed 31 days. The law of the state forbids the renewal of loans. On the other hand, it is possible to extend a loan when a mutual agreement has been reached. The maximum loan amount is slightly below the limit and ranges between $100 and $250. Customers can repay their loans in many methods, including a debit card or checking account and MoneyGram. PaydayChampion doesn’t charge extra charges for early repayment. PaydayChampion’s APR is in line with the standard set by California, ranging between 214% and 460 percent. Californians will have to pay a finance fee of $17.60 per $100 in advance. The price is not more than $45.

Other Features

PaydayChampion goes beyond guaranteeing customers their online security, which is yet another reason they are among California’s most trusted payday loans. Their website is protected with modern encryption, making the application process safe and secure. Additionally, users can manage their funds and accounts using a smartphone application. PaydayChampion continues to be awe-inspiring. Its loyal customers love this app for specific Return borrowers earn points for paying back their loans and participating in free financial education classes. The primary advantages of these points are reduced rates and lower fees. The most committed and loyal customers who have reached the Platinum stage can anticipate an increase in their credit score boost.


How do I eliminate payday loans in California?

There are many methods to avoid payday credit. Try these strategies:

  • Request an extended payment plan.
  • Participate in a debt management program.
  • Make use of the option of a personal loan to refinance an existing loan.
  • Get financial assistance from your friends or family members.

Can I get two payday loans at one time in California?

California’s payday loan rules let users have one credit card.

Does California regulate payday loans?

The Department of Business Oversight controls payday loans in the state.

Do payday loans legal in California?

Payday loans have indeed been legal in California since the late 1990s.

What number of payday loans can you have at the moment in California?

California law allows the ability only to have one cash advance at a given time.

Do you have the right to go to jail because you didn’t pay payday loans in California?

It is important to remember that criminal charges aren’t allowed when it comes to California payday loans. Even the lenders may be threatening you with prison time.

Are payday loans garnishing your wages in California?

Yes, payday lenders can do that; however, only with a court order.

Are you liable for payday loans in California?

However, only civil lawsuits can be filed in contrast to criminal cases.

What is the highest APR for payday loans in California?

The highest rate licensed lenders from the state of California offer is 460%.

Who can benefit from payday loans in California?

More than two million Californians can avail of payday loans every year. The majority of these are women (60 percent), Latinos (36%), and African-Americans (18 percent).

The Bottom Line

California is home to one of the nation’s most prominent lending markets and provides one of the most lucrative payday loans in the country. Although there are plenty of businesses to pick from, they do not all have clean and legitimate companies. We took care to eliminate the seedy ones and provide only the best of the crop. Our California payday loan providers on our list are all state licensed and offer the most efficient short-term loans.