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Sidney Crosby of Penguins’ “rule of number”

Sidney Crosby did a lot For penguins.

One thing he did not do is imposing a rule concerning the players’ numbers of the players, although his teammates refer to a Crosby cap.

“When I arrived here, they told me that no one wore a higher number than Sid,” said Drake Caggiula. And it was supported by Rickard Rakell, who added: “I guess I could have chosen another, but you cannot go higher than that of Sid.”

It sounds quite simple, right? Some of the new Penguin players said that no one can wear a number of Crosby, and no current player has a number of Crosby, therefore, the Penguins have capped their attributions of numbers at 87 de Crosby.

Not really.

Several sources of the team, which spoke under the cover of anonymity because they were not allowed to speak to the media, said that there was no Crosby Cap regarding the jersey numbers . The sources have however declared that players are not discouraged to think that the n ° 87 of Crosby is the highest that anyone can wear.

“It is not a strict rule,” said one of the sources. “I think it’s more guys who see that no one has a higher number than that of Sid and assume that it is our rule. This is not the case.

“This does not mean that we encourage him. We don’t do it.

So here is what we can definitely say about this urgent problem:

  • A player can ask to wear a number more than 87.
  • Any player who asks would see himself saying “No one carries a number higher than that of Sid”, but this response would be a statement of fact because no player has brought a number more than 87 since former goalkeeper Tomas Vokoun Put on 92 ten years ago.
  • Few players in any team bear a higher number than the 87 of Crosby, so the Penguins do not really meet a lot of requests to break an alleged Crosby cap.
  • In addition, and this is the important part, Crosby has nothing to do with all this.

The sources have told us that even if they could not imagine that a future player has a number higher than Crosby while he still plays, there could always be exceptions. Suppose the Penguins somehow succeeded in an exchange for Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks; His n ° 88 would expect him to his locker when he presents himself to Pittsburgh.

Each rule has its exceptions.

Especially the rules that do not really exist.

By the way, this is not the first time that there has been an alleged Crosby Cap. A similar situation exists in their wage ceiling structure: supposedly, no player can count more against the ceiling per season than the blow of $ 8.7 million in Crosby.

But if it was true, how do you explain the previous $ 9.5 million ceiling from Evgeni Malkin?

“We never had a rule that someone could not win more than Sid,” said former managing director Ray Shero. “But as regards the Malkin contract, I went to see Sid, out of respect for him as our captain and best player, and I explained to him:” Listen, to make it done, Malkin will have a ceiling higher than you. .’

“Sid being Sid, his answer was classic: ‘Does that mean that we can keep it?’ He didn’t care at all. »

Crosby also does not care about a supposed Crosby Cap with the players’ numbers.

After the recent 1-4-0 of the Penguins, there are certainly other things that occupy the spirit of Crosby.

Kill oneself slowly

Speaking of things that could be in the spirit of Crosby (and in the minds of the person’s hockey operations): what is this digital disadvantage?

The Penguins finished their five -game trip better than only four digital disadvantage clubs on the road. A small sample, of course, but also far from their domination in digital disadvantage when they were far from Pittsburgh last season.

Again, these are only six games, but the Penguins started this season with disturbing drops on the road compared to their total work last season.

Penguins on the road













The Penguins only play four home games before Thanksgiving. Three of them are against alleged suitors at the Stanley Cup (Boston, Toronto and Calgary). This leaves seven games on the road and no time to waste to overthrow a bad start 1-4-1 far from Pittsburgh.

They better find a way to consolidate their global defense on the road, and in particular their digital disadvantage, to avoid being too far from the playoffs from Thanksgiving.

Clubs in playoffs from Thanksgiving reach the playoffs at a rate of 73% in the wage ceiling era. Another way to see this: non -eliminatory teams from Thanksgiving have a Herculean task to qualify for the playoffs.

It is far too easy to panic at Pittsburgh, but it is not too early to worry about the game of the Penguins when they are not in Pittsburgh.

Some questions

The old Penguin and current diffuser Colby Armstrong recently became a double leaflet. He gave an overview of this process in this quick Q&A:

What did you learn during the American citizenship process?

How much it can take with all the paperwork, it’s crazy. I was lucky, I had a good lawyer specializing in immigration law which helped me to cross all of this. But it is still necessary to fill it and do everything. And there are a lot to do. So I learned that it can be difficult.

And then, thanks to this, I learned – because of the oral exam that you must take where they ask you 10 random questions among a potential pool of 100 questions – about almost history and civic education of the United States that I refreshed to be able to take this test. So, I would not say the best, but I had a good understanding of many American history and different things, from the constitution to the declaration of rights, including the declaration of independence to different presidents and to different eras of American history. It’s really cool.

What did you do to celebrate?

I went to the Penguins match. I had a bunch of family and friends who were there. My wife’s family from Wilkes-Barre came and I brought friends from Saskatoon for the weekend, because there was the Coyotes match and the Tampa Bay match. And the Steelers match was Sunday against Tampa Bay. So it was just a great sporting weekend and a kind of last fall weekend before winter, maybe.

So yes, we had a box in the match and we got all stuck in the box and we dragged there and watched the match while I “worked” to make the post-match show because I had to Also work on the game (for at & t Sports Network). So I was there for business, but I still enjoyed it and I had fun and all weekend was only a great party. My wife organized a little party Friday evening before we did the live show “Spittin ‘Chiclets” and everyone came dressed in the colors of the United States and had American decorations everywhere in the house. So it was really cool.

Who has the best Thanksgiving: Canada or America?

Oh good ! America.

They always have, I don’t know, it’s just a party and they do it bigger. The Americans are very big! Regarding the holidays themselves, they do it bigger, so it strikes a little stronger. In Canada, we just eat dinner and that’s right, like “happy Thanksgiving”. Here, that’s like everything we do here, from Super Bowl to July 4 in Thanksgiving – it’s always excellent, so it’s like a week, not a day, just that bigger feeling. It’s awesome.

Kessel race

Phil Kessel recently became the NHL Ironman.

Did you know that he is also the Penguins iron man, with a deductible record of 328 consecutive games played in the regular season? It’s nine more than Craig Adams, who held the record for 319 consecutive games played for only a few seasons before Kessel arrived at Pittsburgh for the 2015-16 season.

Leaders of the consecutive matches of the Penguins



Phil Kessel


Craig Adams


Ron Schock


Jordan Staal


Nick Harbarouk


Evgueni Malkin


Ron Stack House


The era of the salary ceiling

Raise your hand if you had Evgeni Malkin on the Ironman Penguins list.

Yeah, I didn’t expect to see too many hands with this one.

Given the frequency to which their mid-carrières were defined by lost injury matches, it is crazy to think how sustainable Malkin and Jordan Staal were at the start of their careers. The two played heavy minutes at a young age, but their physical constitutions were such that they could impose their respective wishes on opponents with size and power.

Adams was a training machine that was kept in optimal physical condition. He did not play a lot of minutes, but he played difficult minutes, in digital disadvantage and late in matches when the Penguins led.

Then there was Kessel, who somehow did his Phil Kessel Thing, making it all easy most of the time. He was, and remains, a remarkable athlete – a kind of return to a time when professional athletes were not too obsessed with scientific data on physical form, training, recovery and food. He was, and is, a treasure in this regard.

In addition, for what it is worth, Kessel is the last proven reset option that the Penguins had on their digital advantage. When the first or the second plan of attack failed, find Kessel on the side of the ice in front of Malkin and Crosby allowed the Penguins to reset their digital advantage because Kessel could create his own shot, but also had skills Elite pass to move the washer to an open player.

Look at the current power game of the Penguins and try to convince yourself that they are not missing the reset option provided by Kessel. You can not.

(Photo of Sidney Crosby and Bryan Rust: Steph Chambers / Getty Images)