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Padres in Coors and Chris Bassitt highlight DraftKings and FanDuel MLB picks for Friday 9/23/22

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Chris BassitChris Bassitt FD 10500 DK 9500
Opponent – OAK (Cole Irvin) To park – OAK
FD – 43.5 DK – 23.95

There are a number of good to very good pitchers on this roster today, which is actually going to make the batting side a bit more difficult. But in terms of money, I think we can start with Bassitt here. He faces the A’s who rank second to last on the wOBA team this season and are hitting 24% of the time. Bassitt has been effective this season with a low 3 ERA while hitting just north of 8.5 batters per nine. This game is on the road, but is a -224 favorite, giving it some of the best win odds on the slate.

Lucas GiolitoLucas Giolito FD 9300 DK 7700
Opponent – DET (Eduardo Rodriguez) To park – TED
DF-38.89 DK-20.61

It’s been an up and down season for Giolito this year and he certainly has some explosive games on his resume. But he’s still a guy who hits nearly ten out of nine batters and his 3.65 xFIP is about 1.5 points lower than the catastrophic 5.07 ERA. It’s the latter that has its price down on both sites, but it turns horribly against BABIP over the season. It’s bad luck and on Friday he gets the league’s worst offense for the Tigers. I think the DK price is completely in play and you shouldn’t be scared off by the ERA.

strongly consider Carlos Rodon (FD $11,000 DK $10,300) vs. Arizona

Catcher/first base

Josh BellJosh Bell FD 3200 DK 3800
Opponent – COL (Ryan Feltner) To park – COLLAR
FD – 14 DK – 10.54

The Padres come into Coors for the weekend and it’s almost always where we want to be from a gambling perspective. Does it work every time? No. But there’s a reason it’s the best batting park in baseball and if we can play cash games there, that should be the goal. Bell moved in the order from San Diego, but he’s still a guy with an OPS over .800 on the season who walks 12% of the time and has power when things are going well.

Second base

Jake CronenworthJake Cronenworth FD 3500 DK 4200
Opponent – COL (Ryan Feltner) To park – COLLAR
FD – 13.34 DK – 10.23

Croneworth is expected to be fifth in the Padres’ roster when they face right-hander Feltner. The former has 16 homers during the season, although he barely has OPS scratching over .700, which is a little worrying. But for his career, the .790 OPS and 117 wRC+ against right-handers definitely plays here and he doesn’t break the bank on either site given that he hits towards the middle of the order for l team with the highest running line on the slate.

Luis RengifoLuis Rengifo FD 2300 DK 4400
Opponent – MIN (Louie Varland) To park – MIN
FD – 10.82 DK – 8.33

The Angels stink, but if you can hit past Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, that, almost alone, is going to give you some value. That’s the case with Rengifo, who was a mainstay near the top of the Angels’ roster to close out the season. He’s been an adequate fantasy contributor this season with 15 homers and six stolen bases while making contacts about 80% of the time. The FanDuel price is way too cheap for what it offers.


Ha Seong KimHa-Seong Kim FD 3200 DK 4200
Opponent – COL (Ryan Feltner) To park – COLLAR
FD – 11.28 DK – 8.62

Again, we’re going to want to get Padres everywhere and whenever possible on this list and while Kim isn’t planning on hitting top of the line, the price means he doesn’t have to. He puts the ball in play about 75% of the time and has 10 home runs and 10 stolen bases in his more than 500 plate appearances. It won’t overwhelm you, but neither will the salary with San Diego heading to Coors for the weekend.

The shortstop is pretty thin today, but it’s worth mentioning that Luis Rengifo is an SS on DraftKings helping out there.

third base

Manny MachadoManny Machado FD 4400 DK 5400
Opponent – COL (Ryan Feltner) To park – COLLAR
FD-17.39 DK-13.19

When you have the highest running line on the slate, you want the best hitters on that team, and that’s the case with Manny Machado here. He has a sitting OPS at .900 this season with 30 home runs and even added eight stolen bases to the mix. Power is the real advantage here and for his career, Machado has shown the ability to hit pretty evenly against lefties and righties. Its platoon splits are nearly identical, which just means you get a huge advantage no matter the situation.

Evan LongoriaEvan Longoria FD 2300 DK 3400
Opponent – ARI (Tommy Henry) To park – ARI
FD – 10.45 DK – 7.96

I really want to prioritize Machado here way above anyone else in this position, but if you need to go cheap, there’s a case for Longoria. He hits in the bottom third of the Giants lineup, but they have a good game against Tommy Henry and come in with an implied 4.6 rush line. For his part, Longoria is still doing very well against southpaws with a .810 OPS and .342 wOBA in this division this season. It’s his inability against right-handers that brings the price down.


Juan SotoJuan Soto FD 4300 DK 5400
Opponent – COL (Ryan Feltner) To park – COLLAR
FD-18.91 DK-14.11

Jurickson ProfarJurickson Profar FD 3100 DK 3700
Opponent – COL (Ryan Feltner) To park – COLLAR
FD – 13.9 DK – 10.62

Getting those two as a 1-2 punch atop the Padres’ roster seems like where the cash games are going on Friday and putting them together should have a high floor. For starters, while Soto hasn’t quite had the same season we expected from the superstar, he’s still a guy who walks (21%) way more than he hits (14%) and has 25 home runs. on the season. The hard contact rate is down for sure which is concerning, but it has such a high floor due to the approach that you can even live with it.

And then there’s Profar who is reporting an OPS of around .700 with 15 home runs this season. He’s another high-walking (11%), low-out (15%) guy who puts the ball in play about 75% of the time. Pricing on both sites is quite reasonable, and it’s especially good on DraftKings as long as it’s in the lead.

Connor JoeConnor Joe FD 2500 DK 4000
Opponent – SD (Sean Manée) To park – South Dakota
FD – 11.54 DK – 8.72

We haven’t really mentioned the Rockies guys here even though they’re also going to Coors. The match against Manaea isn’t as good, but we can definitely argue for Connor Joe on FanDuel where he’s actually getting close to the minimum. He should hit in the top half of the lineup against the southpaw. At home against lefties this season, the guy has a .862 OPS and .368 wOBA that you’ll take all day at these salaries.

Whether Randal Grichuk (FD $2700 DK $4100) is in the first slot, so it is also a strong play.