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Letters to the Editor – Climate, voting, Doonesbury, losing, accountability, Rangers

A small step on the climate

Re: “Biden’s Climate Efforts Halted – Judges Limit EPA’s ‘New Powers’ in Face of World Events,” July 1 article.

The Supreme Court limiting the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the carbon output of existing power plants was not good news for our children. However, there are numerous bills in Congress that address carbon emissions, many of which are bipartisan.

One such bill, the Growing Climate Solutions Act, passed the Senate with an overwhelming majority (47 Republicans, 45 Democrats) a year ago, but has yet to pass the House. The Growing Climate Solutions Act may be a small step, but it’s still a step in the right direction.

I would like to urge my U.S. Representative, Colin Allred, D-Dallas, to co-sponsor the Growing Climate Solutions Act and other bipartisan climate bills. We need to move forward on this issue.

Thomas WikmanDallas

please vote

Subject: “Forgive Us, Mom and Dad,” by Ted M. Moore, Tuesday Letters.

Thank you, Ted Moore, for speaking to my heart. I too had parents of the greatest generation and I bow my head in grief and shame at the things we have allowed to happen today in this country.

With each shooting, with each attack on our rights as people, we drift further and further away from the people we could and should be. I don’t want your guns, I’ve never had any, but I want serious, sensible gun regulation. I’m so sick of hearing about a “God-given” right to have guns, especially because I haven’t found it anywhere in the Bible yet. Stop abusing God in this way, unless, of course, your intention is to absolve yourself of all responsibility for everything that concerns you.

If anything positive is to come from these almost daily tragedies, it should be that it inspires people to educate themselves and vote, every time. Know the issues, their substance and vote, please vote.

Elizabeth Read, Lake Dallas

What you can buy at 18

Subject: “Doonesbury”, Sunday Comics.

While reading the Doonesbury comic in the Sunday edition, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. It was a shocking dose of reality. It depicted a kid of about 18 trying to buy a beer at a bar. He was turned down, telling the bartender on his way out that he would be sorry.

The last panel showed this kid easily buying a gun from a gun shop. A shocking comic strip reveals the spineless leadership not just of Republicans in Texas, but of the entire national party platform. The last year has shown us that there is no refuge from an armed madman. Please vote accordingly.

Michael J. Roberts, Garland

It is time to move on

Re: “GOP mourns voter fraud? Sound familiar, by Carl P. Leubsdorf, Friday Opinion.

I found his column very informative. Based on this information, there is a possible scenario that could end up haunting Republicans.

Imagine many candidates vying for the 2024 Republican presidential primaries, including Donald Trump. Trump blames fraud every time he loses a primary. After the primaries are over, Trump declares victory, but no candidate has a majority. The party convention is controversial.

Trump is not chosen to be the nominee. He is running as an independent, splitting the vote. Whether Biden runs or not, Democrats find themselves in a rarefied air, for them — unified.

The baseless challenge to the voting process is toxic to our precious democracy. Losing is part of life. As a liberal in Texas, I fully understand the loss of the election. We all have experience of losing. It’s painful. Hopefully we grow, learn and move forward.

Jerry Frankel, Plano

We can do more

“That’s not who we are…” I keep hearing that over and over again. Can we stop the senseless killing without acknowledging, this is who we have become? The answers won’t be easy, but we can all do more. Stop using divisive language in our daily discourse. Demand more from our elected officials, but start by not supporting these representatives who clearly only have their best interests at heart.

I have to smile every time I hear “thoughts and prayers.” I was taught to do whatever one can do and, when one is exhausted, to put one’s faith in God. Does anyone believe that we did everything we could?

Philip Martin, Carrollton

Reasons for nonsense

Unconstitutional local and national laws are not recent events. James Madison, arguably the father of the Bill of Rights, made it clear in Federalist #46 that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to empower citizens to overthrow a tyrannical government.

This is one of the reasons why “must not be violated”. All other reasons are horse hockey.

Brian Wilson, Atlanta

The responsibility of men

Rep. Marc Veasey, D-Fort Worth, and Republican Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz of Texas are expected to draft and pass a “personal accountability law.” Using DNA verification, this would establish the paternity of each embryo. Fathers would then be obligated by law to support both child and mother, including sharing the child’s medical expenses, living expenses, education, and any costs a father should normally incur for her child. On the death of the father, the child should be entitled to a share of the paternal estate.

If a woman has no choice but to raise a child, a father should have no choice but to provide for that child and his mother. Men must take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Kyle Walker, Dallas/Oak Cliff

Rangers need more TV exposure

Could someone explain how someone could be a Texas Rangers fan? The only way to see them is to go to a game. Game shows are virtually non-existent – they are shown exclusively on whatever channel the majority of potential fans have Nope access to. It’s pretty obvious that the Rangers organization has no desire to develop a fan base. Sad, just sad.

Joe Satagaj, Rowlett

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