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Haider seeks to focus on young blood for Pakistani hockey revival – Sport

KARACHI: Syed Haider Hussain, the new secretary of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF), has identified four areas to get Pakistani hockey back on track.

These include reviving inter-school and inter-club activities, a focus on juniors, launching the Pakistan Hockey League and improving the financial health of the game’s governing body.

“My vision is clear and I aim to achieve [the] desired results in four years,” said Haider Dawn on Sunday.

The 42-year-old Haider said a grassroots hockey revival was the need of the hour as it had been before to scout for talent and added that he would target juniors in that regard.

“I will create a three-tier system in U-8, U-12, U-16, U-18 and U-21 in addition to seniors with 20 players each, raising a large pool of 360 players who will undergo intense training under the guidance of expert physical trainers and coaches,” said Haider, who represented Pakistan’s junior and senior teams from 1996 to 2002.

According to him, the base has shrunk to 30 players who are invited to camp and many of them know they are part of the team. “I will remove this system,” he said.

Haider, who is known for sponsoring and creating job opportunities for Karachi’s men’s and women’s hockey teams over the past six years, said two U-18 and U-25 women’s teams will also be selected after open trials.

It is pertinent to mention here that his hard work paid off when the Malir District Youth Hockey Club reached the finals of the Army Chief of Staff National Interclub Hockey Championship which took place. is held recently in Lahore where they lost 1-2 to Rana Zaheer Hockey Club. Lahore.

He said there was a meager sum in the PHF kitty when he took over as acting secretary, which he called shameful. “It is alarming that the PHF owes the players around Rs 12 million due to their per diems,” he revealed.

He pledged to work honestly and engage sincere gaming technocrats for the national cause. “I will go for the strengthening of the institution rather than individuals.”

The former international said that despite a Herculean task, he accepted the challenge with complete faith in Allah and his team.

Meanwhile, cash-strapped PHF reclaimed the car from the possession of its former secretary Asif Bajwa who allegedly purchased it at a cost of around Rs 4 million from PHF funds.

Posted in Dawn, August 22, 2022