Hockey Costs

De Pere Ice Arena announces a deficit for the financial year

By Lee Reinsch

OF FATHER — The Father’s Ice Rink expects to end the fiscal year in June with about $25,000 in the red, mainly due to a number of expenses related to the repair and replacement of old equipment.
Parks, Recreation and Forestry Director Marty Kosobucki said although the ice center received $154,180.16 from ice rentals, hockey and skating, its expenses totaled $178,876.65. $ – leaving a deficit of $24,696.49 – of those costs, $47,912.35 were construction expenses, including $32,901.41 for repairs and maintenance. .
“There are quite a few things that have broken this year, and it’s affecting our bottom line,” Kosobucki said. “There are a lot of things that are likely to break and need attention.”
He said the arena also had about $50,000 to pay on its $250,000 cooling system repair bill from a few years ago.
Kobobucki said major expenses for the nearly 50-year-old building over the past few years include a condenser pump ($5,700), freon refill for the refrigeration system ($8,100), new tubing for the skating rink ($11,000), a partial roof over the Zamboni chamber ($10,000) and new signage after a vandalism incident last year.
He said repair costs are offset by surcharges of up to $30 an hour, which De Pere has put in place for facility rentals.
Regarding future needs, Don Chilson of Brown County Ice Management said the focus would be on replacing the bleacher heaters at a cost of around $11,000, as that was the biggest source of complaints. This year.
Chilson said another item that will soon reach its lifespan will be the arena’s rubber flooring.
Kosobucki said another issue is the rink’s heating system, which he says is needed to defrost the ground to prevent the ice from rising and the building moving.
“They remove the ice for part of the year and let the frost go. “It works great, but that makes it a part-time setup,” he said. “The other option is to fix it.”
The latest repair estimate, he said, was around $1 million.

Is it worth the repair costs?
Alderman Dean Raasch said a discussion might need to take place on “replacing or just getting rid of it”.
“Every year we look at another slice of money to fix something else, and that’s not necessarily a fix to make it better, but a fix to make it last,” Raasch said. “I’m afraid we’ll find ourselves in a position where we’re pouring money into something that may not be worth spending money on any longer.”
Kosobucki said the topic has been raised among user groups and maybe something needs to be done about the rink in the future.
“If we’re going to fix it, great, but who’s going to fix it? ” he said. “And how much will it cost? There’s no way the city can pay for it all, which means there has to be fundraising.
Either way, Kosobucki said it would be a difficult discussion.
“If the city made the decision to say, ‘Hey, you know what, the rink isn’t our cup of tea anymore,’ that would be a really, really…emotional discussion,” he said.