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Best sports quotes of March 2022 – The Daily Gazette

Starting with each month in 2022, The Daily Gazette’s Sports Department is compiling 10 quotes from our interview topics that stuck with us the most, based on how much they made us think or laugh – or a combination of them. of them.

The selected quotes come from both reports on articles in The Daily Gazette and from interviews associated with episodes of “The Parting Schotts Podcast”. All quotes used have not been previously published.

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“When I watched them, I did a double take. ‘What are you doing here?’ They’re like, ‘Come on, do you think we’d miss it?’ Better yet, they said, “Our season tickets are at the end of the other team’s bench, so we’re going to heckle the other team the whole game.” I’m like, ‘Gorgeous.’ “

–Former UAlbany men’s basketball coach Will Brown on March 4, about two former UAlbany season ticket holders from Long Island who drove for Brown’s debut as head coach of the Albany Patroons .

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“They’re the No. 2 team in the state for a reason. I think Waterloo is number 1. God, I would love to see them play.

— Fonda-Fultonville girls’ basketball coach Flip Boshart on March 5 after his team lost to Schalmont in the Class B Division II final. Two weeks later, Schalmont defeated Waterloo 56-54 in the State Championship game.

— — —

“She was in tears after the game. She is so happy.

— Helene Haegerstrand of UAlbany women’s basketball describing teammate Lucia Decortes after the Great Danes’ America East semifinal win March 8 over Vermont. Decortes was visibly in pain when she left the game with an injury after a few minutes, but cheered from the bench for the rest of the game and was in the middle of the celebration on the team pitch after the victory. A few days later, the Great Danes captured the America East championship, then saw their season end a week later in a loss to top-seeded Louisville of the NCAA Tournament.

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“Yeah. I wish I hadn’t said that one. And then someone isolated it on Twitter, but you know how this business works.

– Saratoga Springs native Dave Lyon, laughing, March 10, at being quoted that he would rather win the Travers than the Kentucky Derby with its Wood Memorial winner Morello.

— — —

“I don’t want to take [the uniform] disabled. It’s been such a crazy trip. I thought we were going to pull that one. It’s been quite a trip. I can’t thank my teammates, my coaching staff, my coaches for making it a pleasure to show up to the rink every day. But, I will miss it, I will miss it a ton.

– Union senior hockey player Josh Kosack on March 12 after the Dutch were eliminated by Clarkson in the second game of the quarter-finals of the ECAC Hockey Tournament.

— — —

“It’s crazy to think that two years ago if you asked me where I would be in two years it wouldn’t be it, but as the years have passed it all makes sense.”

– UConn hockey goaltender and former Union goaltender Darion Hanson on the March 16 edition of “The Parting Schotts Podcast,” as he reflected on his move from Union to UConn as the Huskies were preparing for their first appearance in the Hockey East Semi-Finals tournament.

— — —

“The only reason I’m crying right now is that I feel like I’ve let my city down. That’s the only reason; I’m not sad about the loss. At the end of the day I told my team that everyone is proud of the way we played, everyone is proud of the way we got here and keep your head up.

—Duanesburg senior Madison Meyer on March 19 after the school’s best women’s basketball team season ended in a state semifinal loss with a large crowd of fans to watch the Eagles at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy.

— — —

“Haley reportedly came back with a broken leg. She is so tough.

–Schalmont women’s basketball coach Jeff Van Hoesen on March 19 regarding senior Haley Burchhardt’s return to the roster after missing several minutes with an ankle injury. Burchhardt helped Schalmont win a Class B state semifinal that day, and Schalmont won his first-ever state championship the next day.

— — —

“Watching the tape is like watching a horror movie for a football manager.”

– UAlbany football head coach Greg Gattuso, March 22, discussing his early scouting work for his team’s 2022 season opener against Baylor of the Big 12 Conference, which will almost certainly be the very first game of the program against a ranked opponent from the NCAA Football Subdivision of the bowl.

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“Saint-Pierre basketball: Gritty. We play defense. Always play defense and… no one is scared. Everyone just goes out there and plays their best, and sees what happens in the end. Make the game ugly. Teams don’t like to play us. Kentucky was probably shocked at the way we came out and defended them. I think a lot of teams can’t adapt to this Jersey City basketball. We’re going to punch you in the throat every play, every possession. Make it difficult.”

–Albany Patroons point guard Trevis Wyche on March 30, describing his alma mater, who made it to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament.

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