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2022 Flames second-round targets: Simon Forsmark – Flamesnation

When it comes to player preference, many hockey clubs are creatures of habit – and the Calgary Flames are no exception. The Flames have had a lot of success with Swedish players in their history, and with their need for defenders, it might not be surprising if they selected a Swedish defender.

Simon Forsmark, standout junior, may well match their preferences and needs at No. 59.

Screening report

Forsmark is a listed left-handed defenseman at 6’2″ and 194 pounds. He is a product of Kumla, Sweden, just outside Orebro, and is an October 2003 birthday. (He is one of the oldest first-time eligible prospects in the upcoming draft class. )

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Forsmark came through the ranks of the local system in his hometown, then moved to the Orebro system in 2017-18 at the age of 14. He rose through the ranks of their pipeline, making his professional debut in 2020-21 at age 17 with five games in the SHL and 11 in third-tier HockeyEttan.

After bouncing around a group in 2020-21, Forsmark achieved some stability last season. He split the season between junior team Orebro in the J20 Nationell league and their professional team in the SHL.

Writing mid-season, Dobber Prospect’s Alexa Potack had this assessment of Forsmark:

At the professional level, Forsmark has struggled to produce offense so far, but he is committed to attacking play through zone entries and his positioning in the attacking zone. However, he has at times seemed overwhelmed on the defensive end by the faster and stronger competition at men’s level. He must above all work on his defensive positioning and his speed to adapt to a rise in power in competition. One of the advantages of Forsmark’s defensive play in the SHL is his physicality. Although not overly physical, he uses his body to good effect and is effective in boxing the opposition forward when defending the area in front of the net. Forsmark is a highly touted prospect for the upcoming draft, which many consider a top 40 pick. If his offensive skills start to translate into the SHL and he continues his dependable transition play, he could become a potential first-round talent.

FC Hockey’s Josh Bell also provided a mid-season preview on Forsmark:

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I don’t think Simon Forsmark is getting the love he deserves. He is an extremely mature defender, a strong two-way presence. Forsmark is strong in defending the run, leading with his stick and easily heading into the boards. He’s a take-out machine, forcing turnovers with regularity and flipping him quickly on the ice. It seems like any puck around him, on a stick or not, seems to end up on his stick.

Forsmark’s hands seem to be quite slow, but his feet and game make up for that. He probably won’t be a player to carry it himself in transition but can distribute it very well. Forsmark will need to strengthen as this seems to be an issue at SHL level, but that will come with development. You should give it another look and get it up your rankings.

On the Daily Faceoff, draft guru Chris Peters ranked him 50th:

Being a teenager playing regularly for a professional team in Sweden says a lot, especially on the blue line. Forsmark appeared in 41 games for Orebro’s professional team, averaging nearly 10 minutes of ice time per game. He only had three assists at the pros, but showed much more attacking prowess at U20 level. He averaged over a point per game there and showed a level of skill he simply couldn’t achieve at the professional level. He has good size and solid skills with the puck and he defends extremely well. The maturity of his game is a big selling point even if his skating is only decent.

The consensus seems to be that Forsmark has a fairly balanced game. He was able to show his skills well as a junior, but they have yet to translate to the professional level. (But he’s played a lot in the SHL, and the hope is likely his offense will emerge as he physically matures.)


Forsmark had three points in 41 games in the SHL and 27 points in 23 games with J20 Nationell.

He finished fourth among all players under 19 in games played in the SHL, behind only Blues prospect Simon Robertsson, 2022 top prospect Marco Kasper and Red Wings prospect Simon Edvinsson. He finished second in the league for games played among under-19 defenders. He was 10th in points among Under-19s, fourth among Under-19 defenders.

He finished 12th among all J20 Nationell defenders in points and led production on a points-per-game basis among J20 defenders who played 10 or more games. He was named the league’s top defenseman for his efforts.

Availability and Fit

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He is Swedish! He’s a defender! He feels like he’s already a Flames pick, doesn’t he? But will Forsmark be available when the Flames choose? Well… there is a chance.

Here’s our look at where it stands in a few different rankings:

Daily face-to-face: 56th

Elite Prospects: 60th

FC Hockey: 33rd

Central Scouting (International Skaters): 33rd

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TSN (Bob McKenzie): 77th

TSN (Craig Button): 84th

McKeen’s Hockey: 68th

Dobber Prospects: 53rd

Scouting Smaht: 61st

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Puck Authority: 37th

Rookie Scouting: 80th

In short: Forsmark generally seems like a solid late second-round pick, although a few rankings — we see you there, FC Hockey and Puck Authority — put him just a bit out of the first-round mix. If present when selecting the Flames, he seems like a very good fit for their leanings and needs.

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